It is time to publicly announce a project that I was working on recently. It is an open-source identity management system named midPoint. It is based on the OpenIDM version 1 code developed by the our part of the team. MidPoint aims to be a usable, pragmatic IDM product. We have based it on many years of experience deploying other IDM products. We have learned from what worked and what have been failing during real deployments. The bad thing is that too many things failed - and that's something we want to improve with midPoint.

MidPoint is a user provisioning tool. It can do basic provisioning as well as provisioning driven be expressions. It is using Identity Connector Framework (ICF) to connect to other systems. It has a live synchronization capability (similar to Sun ActiveSync) and other synchronization methods are under development. There is a basic RBAC support that is continually improving. Lot of time and effort was invested into diagnostics and support for deployment such as good error reporting and logging. We know where are the pain points of IDM deployments and we are working hard to improve what we can.

MidPoint version 1.9 was released few days ago. It is a third version developed under the Evolveum brand name. This version is worth checking out as a preview of the final product that is planned as version 2.0 for early next year.