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Does this site look strange? It does indeed. As you can see, I still maintain this 1990s-style homepage. Sidebar, menu and everything. I like it this way. Simple and efficient. Therefore you will not find any special transition effects, banners, or motivational photos on this site. There are no popups, notifications, special effects, flashing ads or social network buttons here. There are no disclaimers about cookies either, as this site does not use any cookies at all. This is Internet wilderness. Or heaven. Decide for yourself.

This is my personal site, not a professional site. While some content on this site is very suitable for work, there is also content that is not a perfect fit for most work environments. If that is a problem then just keep to the "Work" section of this site. Strange things may be found in other parts of this site. Here be dragons. You have been warned.

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How To Make Technology Presentations

I'm a professional software developer and architect for more than two decades. I have done a lot of talks and presentations during the years. All the time, there was this tention between business-oriented and engineering-oriented approach to presentations. The commonly-used presentation techniques are usualy business-oriented. But that thas not work that well for engineering.

Then there are young engineers that often do not get any format training in presentation techniques at all. However, they have a lot to say to the community. It is quite obvious, that they would benefit from a good presentaion guide. Back in 2002, I have created a short presentation guide for our local Linux User Group (SkLUG). The HOWTO was very useful back then. I was quite surprised to realize, that it is still useful, almost two decades later.

Therefore I have decided to update the guide. This somehow got out of control and ended up with (hugely) expanded version. The result is "How To Make Technology Presentations" guide. I hope that this will be useful to a broad technology community.

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