Many years ago I've seen an old woman on a big flea market in a little Polish town. She was selling some kind of potion and she was announcing "It can heal all the diseases in the world - except for stupidity".

Recently I've been trying to catch up on a blogsphere after yet another long absence. I've seen that the trend to oversell partial solutions is much stronger than a few months ago. I just want to make something clear:

What you should do is to think for a while what you really need. And try to think about the solution that you want without all the marketing nonsense. Think about the architecture first. And only then go down to individual technologies. As the wold is far from perfect you will need to adapt your ideas and you architecture to the technologies that are available. But always keep in mind your original goal.

The problem of most of the technological companies is that their goal is to make profit, not to solve your problems. The goal is set by marketing department, not by technologists. And that's natural. They are commercial companies. Therefore you must be the navigator and keep your direction. And be strong.

Think about the Architecture ... and avoid buying magic potions that claim to heal all the diseases in the world - they will not heal stupidity.