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Ten Years of Evolveum

Ten years ago we have established Evolveum, a company dedicated to open source identity management. I took this opportunity to write down the story of our early days, as a series of Evolveum blog posts:

Ten Years of MidPoint

MidPoint is ten years old! First commit of midPoint project was checked into source code repository exactly ten years ago.

Please have a look at Evolveum blog for some memories and photos from those times, a decade ago.

How To Make Technology Presentations

I'm a professional software developer and architect for more than two decades. I have done a lot of talks and presentations during the years. All the time, there was this tention between business-oriented and engineering-oriented approach to presentations. The commonly-used presentation techniques are usualy business-oriented. But that thas not work that well for engineering.

Then there are young engineers that often do not get any format training in presentation techniques at all. However, they have a lot to say to the community. It is quite obvious, that they would benefit from a good presentaion guide. Back in 2002, I have created a short presentation guide for our local Linux User Group (SkLUG). The HOWTO was very useful back then. I was quite surprised to realize, that it is still useful, almost two decades later.

Therefore I have decided to update the guide. This somehow got out of control and ended up with (hugely) expanded version. The result is "How To Make Technology Presentations" guide. I hope that this will be useful to a broad technology community.

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