Latest Screams in the Identity Blogsphere

Do you care what's happening recently (or not that recently)?

Microsoft has acquired Stefan Brands ... uh, sorry ... Credentica. And since that you can notice increased frequency of words U-Prove and anonymous credentials in Kim Cameron's blog.

SXIP was acquired by Ping Identity. I hope that step will not lead Ping astray. Oh BTW, talking about Ping: If you missed the Great Identity Battle of Thousands Against Few, go check it out. It is worth it.

Kim Cameron and Dave Kearns are arguing about the meaning of word metadirectory. The argument is long and not really interesting. Let's skip that.

Some bloggers are discussing the Identity Hub and Identity Bus concepts. Or would it be better to say buzzwords? It has all the symptoms: nobody really knows what does it mean, it sounds great and it does not really works. Hmmm, we are creating buzzwords. Maybe that means Identity is transitioning from the Geek Phase to the Hype Phase?

OpenID is gaining acceptance. That's the most unfortunate but not unexpected trend.

A plastic foil that can be used to impersonate a German minister was published. I think that's a great demonstration of the limitations of biometrics that seems to be quite obvious to a few but almost invisible to the majority (including decision-makers).

An excellent (and short) summarization of Identity projects was published by Jeff Bohren. I haven't heard anything more appropriate in years. My one of my colleagues working on IdM projects had a remark that he zcould add a few more sub-stages.

European Identity Conference is just about to happen in Munich. Although there are few big names and it happens almost around the corner from my home, I feel no motivation to go there.

... well, yet another month in our little Identity Town.