I see that over and over again. Recently it has appeared here. So let's make it clear:

Identity is NOT about identification

Identity is all about sharing the data. Identifiers may or may not be part of that sharing. Identifiers are just ordinary piece of information with a purpose to link objects. It not special to "identity" in any way. If you see "identity" just as a identification you are missing the crucial point.

I believe that the "user-centric identity", federation, SOA-based "identity" mechanisms, social web and VRM are all the same. Not similar, but same. They all solve the problems of controlled data-sharing somehow related to people. Data sharing, that's what it is. And unless all the "identity" and VRM and "social" folks understand that they are in the same business, we will not get anywhere.

I like it how everybody pretends that they know what "identity" means ... while nobody really knows. There is no viable definition what "identity" means when it comes to the computers.