Pragmatic Software Architecture: For the First Time

It has been in my head for quite a long time. And I've been working hard on that for last few months. The first result came last week. And it was a success.

I'm talking about Pragmatic Software Architecture course, that I've created. I've lectured that for the very first time during last week. The attendees were great. There were engineers both from software development companies and customers, therefore we've discussed both sides of the barricade. This was very enlightening discussion. I was wondering what will be the feedback of the students at the end of the course. Although I've taken great care to be prepared perfectly (254 pages of student guide!) the course underwent the pressure test for the first time and some of the defects usually pops up at that time. But all went perfectly and the feedback was excellent. Much better than expected. Thanks guys!

Why I've done such a foolish thing as creating a software architecture training? First of all because there is a market niche. There is no training or methodology suitable for small-to-medium projects. Therefore I've compiled the knowledge that can help guiding them, as I've spend last 10 years working on these. Secondly I've found out that surprisingly few people are aware about the basic architectural principles. And even those few do not understand why and how these principles work. Which leads to cargo cult architecture or even worse monstrosities, resulting in software abominations instead of software systems. I've leading my students to pragmatism: to understand how the principles work, why are they helpful, what effect on the result will they induce and especially what are the limits and when not to use them.

The course is organized by our very good partner SunEd Consulting. If you are interested and you happen to live in Europe please contact SunEd for information about course availability.