MidPoint version 2.1 code-named Coeus was released yesterday. This sixth midPoint release focuses on practical features, code quality and robustness. The major changes include:

The internal quality of midPoint code was also significantly improved. MidPoint build contains a lot of automated integration tests that are executed all the time in a continuous integration fashion. There were some internal re-engineering efforts to get rid of historical code parts. The architecture of the product is well established and proven to be flexible enough and efficient for almost any IDM challenge.

The Coeus release is a major step forward. MidPoint is considerably stable now. However we plan to make sure that the quality is more than acceptable. The next midPoint release will be a maintenance release. We plan to work much more on testing, quality and usability improvements. The primary goal of midPoint is an IDM solution that can be efficiently deployed and maintained while keeping the total cost reasonable. MidPoint seems to be well positioned to be one of the very few IDM products to reach that goal.