My blog has been silent for more than three years. In fact, the whole site was neglected for much longer than I care to admit. It was just about time to do something about it.

My old site was created back in times when WWW was still quite new and exciting technology. The pages were generated by a patchy Perl script that I wrote more than twenty years ago. That old excuse for a web site went out of fashion a long time ago. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing inherently wrong with going out of fashion. In fact it is a sign of longevity. However, twenty years is a quite an age for a completely custom script, especially if the script was shamefully neglected by its author for half of its lifetime (at least). That old thing was no longer maintainable, therefore it was time to put it to rest. This site is created using Jekyll, which I find quite fascinating. It is using the same principle as my antiquated Perl script, but Jekyll is doing it in style. It is definitely a major improvement.

Do not expect anything great over here. This is just my personal blog. If you are interested in the serious things that I do during my daytime you should head to Evolveum blog. I plan to keep this blog more personal, but some of my work is quite likely to leak here as well.

Whatever. Stay tuned if you are up to the challenge. Just remember: HC SVNT DRACONES