MidPrivacy: Data Provenance Prototype

I have spent quite a lot of my time in last 6 months on one interesting project: Data provenance prototype. This was an experimental project aimed at metadata functionality in identity management. There were many interesting results of the project that I have summarized in my Evolveum blog post.

This was also my first project that was mostly funded by European community money. I have to say that it was quite a nice experience overall. There was some paperwork, but not too much. There is kind of tradition in my coutry that the European should be spent instead of used, therefore I did not know what to expect in this project. But this was international NGI project and not an ordinary national project. It was different. We felt a lot of pressure to deliver tangible results, which I undestand and fully support. This atmosphere produced excellent results. We even ended up using our own money on top of EU funding to improve the results, even though we were not expected to. The project was a success on all fronts. I just wish that more EU-funded projects could be like this one.