Only those projects that were published are in this list. Commercial projects with NDAs are not listed here.

Current Projects

since 2011 Project midPoint creates a comprehensive open-source identity management (IDM) system. Please see the midPoint wiki for more information.
since 2013 The ConnId project is the continuation of Identity Connector Framework (ICF) started by Sun Microsystems.
Apache Directory API
since 2015 Open source LDAP API. Part of Apache Directory server project.
since 2014 Set of command-line tools to manage OpenLDAP configuration, schema, generate directory data, etc.


Apache MINA
Minor connection handling bugfixes
Minor improvements, CredSSP/NTLM, Send method, semi-asynchronous command execution

Past Projects

OpenIDM version 1
2010-2011 Open-source user provisioning system. I've participated in OpenIDM project as an architect almost from the beginning. But due to various difficulties working with ForgeRock the cooperation beyond OpenIDM v1 was no longer possible.
2011-2014 I have contributed to ForgeRock OpenICF. But due to various difficulties working with ForgeRock the cooperation is over now.
schema2ldif tool
2000-2014 A simple tool to convert OpenLDAP schemas to LDIF format (especially while using the Sun/Oracle Directory Server). The OpenLDAP schemas are a bit more readable and is easier to maintain. This tool comes handy especially while working with both types of servers and need to maintains schemas over a long time periods. The schema2ldif was merged into the slapdconf project.
Jewels application framework
1999-2001 Web application framewrok for building component applications in object-oriented Perl. Based on XML, embeded perl templates and quasi-component modules. The mix of the most-popular new technologies that Perl could provide around 2000. It was used to build a portal system called Metropola and a Clickstore, a system that would now probaly classify as "cloud" solution. The systems were strongly dependent on dot-com hype and died as the hype died. As the two primary projects using Jewels framework died the framework died with them.
Identity public certificate authority
1999 Prototype of web-based public Certificate Authority system. It demonstrated that the X.509 technology is (technically) feasible even if composed from open-source components only (It was based on Linux, Apache, OpenSSL and Perl). But the prototype also demonstrated that while there is no problem in technical implementation of X.509, the whole X.509 concept is not well suited for authenticating people on the Internet. The project was, obviously, stopped.
ALPA Experimental Alpha processor emulator
1997-1998 Emulator of generic computer system including Alpha processor module (basic instruction set only). Object oriented design, coded in pure C++. Developed and tested on Linux and Windows NT. User interface is a Java application, it is able to communicate with emulation engine using TCP/IP network connection.
Authors: Radovan Semancik, Ivan Tarapcik, Slavomir Sebik, Peter Krutel and Jan Jakubovic.
Developed as an "Team Project" on Faculty of Electrical Engeneering and Informatics, Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava, Slovakia.
Documentation included, but only available in slovak language.
Tell UNIX messaging
1995-1997 Tell is a simplistic system for sending small messages and file transfer in UNIX systems. It features client-server architecture common in such systems. Server is developed in C, clients are available in C and perl languages. Long time not maintained.
Authors: Radovan Semancik, Peter Krutel, Jan Vajda