Complexities of Identity Provenance Metadata
2021 Open Identity Summit 2021 conference contribution (proceedings).
Semančík, R.: Complexities of Identity Provenance Metadata, in H. Roßnagel, C. H. Schunck, S. Mödersheim (Ed.): Open Identity Summit 2021, Lecture Notes in Informatics (LNI), Gesellschaft für Informatik, Bonn 2021, pp. 25-36
How To Make Technology Presentations
2020, informational HOWTO
Identity Metadata In A Nutshell
2020, supporting document for midPrivacy initiative
Practical Identity Management with MidPoint (book)
since 2016, continously updated
Správa identít a prístupov v internete (Slovak)
2016 PC Revue Vol. 6/2016, pp. 132
Noris, I., Semančík, R.: Explozívne roly (Slovak)
2015 The paper is summarizing the disadvantages of traditional RBAC model especially with respect to the role explosion problem. It describes a hybrid RBAC approach that uses the combination of RBAC mechanisms and flexible expressions. The paper provides a case study of a system where the hybrid RBAC model was used to avoid role explosion.
Data Security Management, Vol. 1, 2015, pp. 30-33
Správa používateľov v oblakoch (Slovak)
2015 PC Revue Vol. 3/2015, pp. 106
Identity and Access Management Series (Slovak): Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, ...
2015 Infoware Vol. 1-2/2015, Vol. 2-3/2015, PC Revue Vol. 11/2015, ...
Cesta k efektivnímu identity managementu (Czech): Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, ...
Open Source Identity Management Systems (no longer available)
2012 List and evaluation of open source identity management systems, nLight
Interface Definition, Guidelines and Recommendations
2010 White Paper, nLight
Deficiencies of World Wide Web Architecture
2009 Research Report, nLight
Revised World Wide Web Architecture
2008 Dissertation
Basic Properties of the Persona Model
2007 Scientific paper describing properties of the Persona Model.
Semančík, R.: Basic Properties of the Persona Model, Computing and Informatics, Vol. 26, 2007, pp. 105-121.
Choosing the Best Identity Management Technology for Your Business
2006 An overview of current state of Identity Management technologies in the enterprise, user-centric and government areas. Description of strengts and limitations of the technologies.
Semančík, R.: Choosing the Best Identity Management Technology for Your Business, Proceedings of InfoSecOn 2006 Conference, Cavtat, Croatia, 2006.
Introduction to the Persona Model
2005 An introduction to the Person Model, the concept that can model interactions in the Digital Identity space.
Semančík, R.: Introduction to the Persona Model, Research report, 2005, nLight
Internet Single Sign-On Systems
2005 The paper describes a generic model for Internet SSO system along with a assesment of current SSO system's properties. (Full version)
Internet Single Sign-On Systems
2005 The paper describes a generic model for Internet SSO system along with a assesment of current SSO system's properties. (Short version)
In: Bieliková, M. (Ed.): Proceedings of IIT.SRC 2005: Student Research Conference in Informatics and Information Technologies, Bratislava, Slovakia, pp. 116-123, 2005.
Enterprise Digital Identity Architecture Roadmap
2005 The document provides an overview of different digitial identity technologies and recommends a plan for digital identity deployment.
Also published as: Semančík, R.: How to Deploy Digital Identity Technology, Proceedings of Network Forum 2005 Conference, Banská Bystrica, Slovakia, pp. 48-56, 2005.
Cesta k digitální identite (Czech)
2003 This article is a short overview of digital identity technologies and their prospects ifrom the technological and business point of view.
Data Security Management, Vol. 5, 2003, pp. 16-18

Digital Identity as a Basis for Internet Security Infrastructure
2003 This paper provides overview of extended traditional security systems such as unified user management, PKI and Digital Identity technologies.
2nd International Conference on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies and Applications, 2003, pp. 175-178
Internet Applications Security
2002 Covers Internet authentication techniques, PKI and Digital Identity systems.
Written Part of PhD exam, Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava, 2002
Bezpečnostná infraštruktúra novej generácie (Slovak)
2002 "New generation security infrastructure" - Informative article
PC Revue 2002, 8 (August 2002), pp. 105-107
Čo prinesie PKI? (Slovak)
2002 "What will PKI bring?" - Informative article
Komunikácia a e-business na Slovensku 2002, pp. 31
Elektronický podpis v praxi (Slovak)
2002 "Electronic signature in practice" - Informative article
AT&P Journal 9,3 (March 2002), pp. 65-67
Certifikačná autorita pre malé organizácie (Slovak)
1999 Master thesis ("diplomová práca"). Describes certificate authority system built for small organisations in UNIX/WWW environment.
Národná certifikačná autorita (Slovak)
1999 Paper accompanying presentation at Network Forum'99 conference.
Ochrana privátnych sietí proti útokom z Internetu (Slovak)
1998-1999 Pre-master thesis ("diplomový projekt") on IP network security.